Travel: A Daydreamers Canvas

I am and always will be a daydreamer.  It is the reason I took art and creative writing in high school and why I studied film.  I enjoyed drawing but never seemed to care for colouring or shading, and especially disliked doing any sort of background.  I doubt this is really indicative of most artists out there, but I simply wanted to get the basic concept in my head onto paper and I was happy to see it there, in all its unfinished glory.

Proof that I can’t draw.

I never stuck with drawing, but even late into my 20’s I still spend the majority of my time daydreaming.  I’ll often ask you to repeat yourself because I’m most likely playing out a car chase over your shoulder, in the distance.  For a creative person, daydreams work as the seeds that eventually grow into poems, paintings or whatever your art form may be.  Being stuck in the same place can be limiting though, and I’ve found that travel is the best way to stock up on experience and imagination.

Castles make scenes for dragon fights!

Like I said, I hate drawing the backgrounds.  But who needs to create mountains when you have the Rockies?  Someone asked for beautiful beaches?  I hear Australia and South East Asia have some of the best. Writing some steampunk fanfiction?  The tight lanes and old architecture of England, mixed with its modern sensibility could serve as a good starting point.  The canvas is already set up for you and the options are limitless.
Maybe you’re a more practical daydreamer and you dream of things that you can actually accomplish (lawdeeda!).  You want to learn to surf, hike to some remote place, or dive into different cultures.  The canvas is already set up for you too.  I hear Queenstown in New Zealand is ripe with extreme sports.  Looking for great food and drink?  Buy a train pass around Europe and hit up all the different countries, each with their own unique culinary specialties (or if you just want beer, check out Germany).  If you can dream up some adventure or experience in your head, then there is a canvas out there just waiting to be painted. Sometimes living life can be its own art form.

Seems like a good place as any to start an adventure.

Seems like a good place as any to start an adventure.

So whether you want to see the bodies of the Easter Island heads pull themselves from the earth below, or you just dream about sitting on a beach on some remote island, I implore you to seek out the canvas that is right for you, and mark it with your own unique signature.

Me?  I’m off to New Zealand to catch me some sneaky hobbitses.

What will you do once you land?

Josh Ladd is a writer from Vancouver, B.C.  When he’s not daydreaming, you can find him tackling large, hairy men on the rugby pitch.

Post edited by Paul Stanfield.

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