Life in Byron Bay.

Golden sands entrapped by cascading waves falling perfectly, emanating a gorgeous white colour at the break.  Dolphins playing, whales jumping, and surfers dancing across the rolling water with ease to a backdrop of sunshine and wanderlust; Byron Bay stands unique in Australia. The lighthouse looks approvingly across the free spirited community like a proud parent hiding the naughty, forgotten Read more about Life in Byron Bay.[…]

Bali: surfing in Kuta.

Wave after wave, rolling up and crashing down with a whitewash so eye appealingly beautiful. Surfers in Kuta glide over the water and duck dive under the oncoming and rushing giants that are relentlessly crashing over the soft, sandy beach. Confident children as young as 8 whizz by in the water as I attempt to Read more about Bali: surfing in Kuta.[…]

Soulful Medicine In Tofino.

Entering Tofino, British Columbia, is like stepping into a dream.  The softness that this town eludes from it’s very core is not only inviting, but extremely addicting.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to journey to Tofino, then you might understand the undeniable charm that this phenomenal town possesses. I spoke to a now local resident Read more about Soulful Medicine In Tofino.[…]