Home away from home at The Adventure Inn.

As a traveller, there comes a point where you need to feel at home.  The majority of us travel to be presented with something new every day, to meet new people, to be thrown into new environments, and to seek new experiences; but let’s face it,  travel is not as glamorous as it seems sometimes, and more than likely you will reach a breaking point.  The minimalist lifestyle is so tiring at times that you’ll look at yourself and wonder why you decided to leave home in the first place.  If you’ve travelled as a backpacker you’ll know this to be true.



I was on an inauthentic bus tour that powered through each town like a whirlwind, constantly moving, and sleeping in ‘party’ hostels without seeing the sites that I intended to see when I initially booked my ticket to New Zealand.  Though I knew that I had so much more to see in this beautiful country, I still just wanted to go home.  I knew I had to make a change, and see the country the way that I wanted to see it, otherwise I would just be done.  And I didn’t want to give up.


When I was at my breaking point I had no plan.  I knew I needed to settle somewhere for a few days to sort my life out, but I didn’t know where, or how I would get there without this commercialised bus tour.  Thankfully I ran into someone who wanted to hike the Abel Tasman National park and he asked if I wanted to go with him, I said yes, and we caught wind of The Adventure Inn in Marahau, a 5 minute walk to the entrance of the National Park.



Right away Greg, the owner, was extremely accommodating and kind.  He picks up all of his guests in his van at the neighbouring towns, and he also drops his guests off closer to busses in the morning of their departure.  He’s always going the extra mile; baking homemade cookies in the evening for everyone in the hostel, suggesting movies to watch in the giant cinema located in the barn out back, cracking jokes about rugby, or suggesting the best routes to take in the National Park.  I felt like I was at home immediately.



And it actually is his home.  Everyone that comes through and stays Greg’s place agrees; The Adventure Inn is the lazy Sunday that you didn’t know that you needed.  It’s a slice of home away from home.  It’s a place where friends become family, and a place to recharge your batteries before stepping into the unknown once more.



What Will You Do Once You Land?

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