Top tips for finding cheap accommodation while travelling.

It should come as no surprise that accommodation will drain your bank account quickly while travelling. I learned this the hard way, as most of us do.  Sure, I did some research, but I was no where near prepared for the reality of how expensive it is to hostel hop and splurge on the occasional Read more about Top tips for finding cheap accommodation while travelling.[…]

The Art Of Letting Go.

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my last 2 months travelling the south island of New Zealand it’s the art of letting go. When I left home 6 months ago, I found myself making another home in Auckland.  I landed in the CBD, travelled to Cape Reinga, came back to the city to Read more about The Art Of Letting Go.[…]

Travel: A Daydreamers Canvas

I am and always will be a daydreamer.  It is the reason I took art and creative writing in high school and why I studied film.  I enjoyed drawing but never seemed to care for colouring or shading, and especially disliked doing any sort of background.  I doubt this is really indicative of most artists out there, but Read more about Travel: A Daydreamers Canvas[…]