Revamp verb 1// Give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to. //renovate//redecorate//refurbish//recondition//overhaul.   If travelling has taught me anything (and I hope it has), it’s that change is exciting. It’s scary, it’s nerve racking, and it can be ugly.  But, it can also be very, very good.   Navigating through life is challenging.  Carving Read more about Revamp[…]

The Art Of Letting Go.

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my last 2 months travelling the south island of New Zealand it’s the art of letting go. When I left home 6 months ago, I found myself making another home in Auckland.  I landed in the CBD, travelled to Cape Reinga, came back to the city to Read more about The Art Of Letting Go.[…]

Travel: A Daydreamers Canvas

I am and always will be a daydreamer.  It is the reason I took art and creative writing in high school and why I studied film.  I enjoyed drawing but never seemed to care for colouring or shading, and especially disliked doing any sort of background.  I doubt this is really indicative of most artists out there, but Read more about Travel: A Daydreamers Canvas[…]

Once You Land In Tofino.

Tofino, British Columbia, has all of the classic characteristics that you would find on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  Expansive, white sand beaches stretching out for miles; gusts of cool wind that coax out goosebumps on your skin, even on the warmest of days; and because of the consistent rainfall, lush flora peppers every Read more about Once You Land In Tofino.[…]

Life in Byron Bay.

Golden sands entrapped by cascading waves falling perfectly, emanating a gorgeous white colour at the break.  Dolphins playing, whales jumping, and surfers dancing across the rolling water with ease to a backdrop of sunshine and wanderlust; Byron Bay stands unique in Australia. The lighthouse looks approvingly across the free spirited community like a proud parent hiding the naughty, forgotten Read more about Life in Byron Bay.[…]

Opportunity abroad: where it all began, and why.

Rain was spitting on the windows in the stairwell as I descended from the cafeteria to the warehouse below. I took a right and headed towards the loading bay to see one of the large truck stops open and looking out into the night ahead. It was November, and wind blew in the cold air Read more about Opportunity abroad: where it all began, and why.[…]

Moments of realization in Washington, DC.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have lived close enough to tour Washington, DC  while living in the beautiful state of Maryland.  I have never been to a place where there are so many patriotic memorials in one area, and with such magnitude. Most Canadians easily stereotype Americans as being overly patriotic, but after living Read more about Moments of realization in Washington, DC.[…]