11 ways to make camping more comfortable.

Camping in Tofino, British Columbia.   Camping season is upon us, and with it comes unexpected rainfalls, fire bans and cold nights.  However, there are many ways get prepared, and in doing so, making your camping experience enjoyable and comfortable.   Start with the basics.   Grab yourself a tent. Sounds simple enough, but for Read more about 11 ways to make camping more comfortable.[…]

Once You Land In Tofino.

Tofino, British Columbia, has all of the classic characteristics that you would find on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  Expansive, white sand beaches stretching out for miles; gusts of cool wind that coax out goosebumps on your skin, even on the warmest of days; and because of the consistent rainfall, lush flora peppers every Read more about Once You Land In Tofino.[…]

Bali: surfing in Kuta.

Wave after wave, rolling up and crashing down with a whitewash so eye appealingly beautiful. Surfers in Kuta glide over the water and duck dive under the oncoming and rushing giants that are relentlessly crashing over the soft, sandy beach. Confident children as young as 8 whizz by in the water as I attempt to Read more about Bali: surfing in Kuta.[…]

A memorable six days in England and France.

After two of my best friends had moved to England to await Canadian residency, I found myself sitting at home with a few extra coins in my bank account, and I decided to book a flight to the UK.  Because it was nearing the end of August, and another semester was starting in early September, Read more about A memorable six days in England and France.[…]

Soulful Medicine In Tofino.

Entering Tofino, British Columbia, is like stepping into a dream.  The softness that this town eludes from it’s very core is not only inviting, but extremely addicting.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to journey to Tofino, then you might understand the undeniable charm that this phenomenal town possesses. I spoke to a now local resident Read more about Soulful Medicine In Tofino.[…]