The Best Day In History On Rangitoto.

You know when you’re in the middle of a great day, and you think to yourself “yep, I think this might be the best day ever”?  That’s how I felt as I was climbing up Auckland’s youngest Volcano called Rangitoto.
I was so tired from drinking so much juice the night before.  Oh wait, did I say juice?  I meant water.  And by water I mean beer.  I was so hungover (sorry Grandma), but the two amazing girls from the U.K that I had met and I were so determined to climb Rangitoto, as the day before we tried but failed miserably (we had just missed the last ferry over there by half an hour).
What can I tell you about Rangitoto, you ask?  Are you itching for an education break?  Okay, well since you’re SO adamant about it, Rangitoto is of course the youngest volcano in Auckland as I mentioned before, erupting approximately 600 years ago.  The Maoris during that time named it Rangitoto which translates roughly to “the red skies”, as they witnessed it’s eruption.  Because it is so young, the lava formations are still in tact, sporting some really cool lava caves, and there’s not a lot of flora on this volcano either (except for some REALLY cool ferns, but more on that later).
Anyways, we made it to the ferry on time #superstars, and I was the only hungover person in our crew so of course I was being absolutely cuckoo bananas.  My knee was bruised from all of the knee slapping that I was doing (exaggeration), and I had already cried about 2 times from laughing before we even got on the ferry.  Oh, the joys of having an over active imagination and a sore liver (sorry again, Grandma).
It was a beautiful day, and the ferry ride was just a pleasant 30 minutes.  Rangitoto was shining in the distance, the water was sparkling, and because my hair was so greasy from the night before, I decided it would be a good idea to wear my toque (sorry I mean beany, ugh).  I might have looked soooo cool (eye roll), but my god was I ever warm.  So warm.  And I had already committed to the toque hair, so I just couldn’t take it off.  What a cry baby, eh?
The first thing I noticed about the area was the water, it was so vibrant!!  I’m sure it has something to do with the presence of sulfur in the area, but I didn’t do my research on that one, sorry guys.  And the rocks!  They were so big, and even though looked like big piles of cow poo, we still needed to get some photos in of course.
Up we climbed; the sun was shining, my arms were turning a beautifully rich deep red, my head was sweaty, my backpack was heavy and hot, the tears were rolling down my cheeks, and it was still the best.  We stopped for many necessary education breaks along the way, learning as much as possible about volcanic eruptions and the local flora and fauna because knowledge is power, guys.
Just as I thought we were in some sort of beautiful, yet sick and twisted maze because the climb was so long, we reached the summit.  So, if you think the summit at Mount Eden is impressive (and it is, don’t get me wrong), just imagine seeing a crater 3 times it’s size.  And the interesting thing is that Rangitoto’s crater is probably the most lush part of the entire mountain.  We were all taking pictures, and while we were talking I saw it.  The fern.  The one fern to rule them all, the one fern to find them.  The one fern to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).  I could not stop looking at it.  And…I couldn’t stop talking about it.  We were all laughing so hard because I was obsessing over this fern, and I’m pretty sure I even said that “I’ve never wanted to sit on a fern so badly in my life”.  Again, this is what happens when you have too much to drink, guys.  And looking back now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even a fern.  It looks more like a palm tree.  But you know what?  That’s okay.  It’ll always be a fern to me. #fernlife
Do you see it?

Do you see it?

We slipped in a cheeky visit to the lava caves, even though the last ferry was due to leave in an hour.  I’ve never felt like I was cut out for parkour before, but now that I’ve hurdled over boulders and quickly cleared sneaky roots that jut out of the forest floor, I’m reconsidering my future career in it.  My poor friend bashed her knee on a boulder, but she was such a trooper, and we were all still laughing as we scurried down the path that led us back to the ferry.
As we sat on the ferry deck, basking in the glory of giant ferns, humungous craters, bashed knees, and parkour careers; singing “the lion sleeps tonight” without shame, I definitely knew that I had just had the best day in New Zealand so far in my journey.

Not THE fern, but a fern nonetheless. Or is it a palm? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist you guys.

And to my beautiful U.K girls, if you’re reading this, I miss your faces so much!
What a day, guys.  What a beautiful day.

What will you do once you land?

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